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Foodies Board Book - My Heart Would Like Some More, Please!

Foodies Board Book - My Heart Would Like Some More, Please!

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If Eric Carle's Brown Bear and The Very Hungry Caterpillar ever came together to have an Indian tea party, this book would be it. With "My Heart Would Like Some More, Please", Geshu delights readers of all ages with a foodie brown bear and his generous yet mindful host on a one-of-a-kind tea-party adventure, skillfully introducing educational, cultural, and linguistic themes in an engaging and memorable way.

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Book type: Board book, 18 pages inside

Size: Oversize Board Book 8 x 10 in, round edges and high quality board book perfect for newborns.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Uma Ridhi Swathee
Fun, engaging & relatable book!

Love this cute and fun book about a bear eating a whole bunch of Indian snacks. We're introduced to a wide variety of Indian food/snacks from different regions, which helps to spark wonderful conversations about the food & culture. Kids absolutely need that exposure to food and this book is a great introduction.

When the bear says my stomach is full, but my heart would like some more, I fell in love. Absolutely relate to that sentence!

Beautiful illustrations as well. Bilingual a bonus! My kids are loving this :)

Max Rudy
Inclusive and wonderful

I just love the experience and thoughtfulness behind this beautiful children’s story. The fact that it helps introduce kids to Hindi is great, but it’s not the only reason to get this story. It’s story is sweet and relatable, and my kid loves reading it over and over!

Nikhil Goyal
It literally a feast for the senses!

I had such a fun and joyful time reading this book with my 5 yo. It’s a great read for kids to learn a little about Indian food , a memorable story and beautiful illustrations (which make you crave the taste) . A great add to your early reader’s library!

Wasfee Vazir
Cute, engaging and educational Bilingual Hindi -English Book

My Heart Would Like Some More, Please" by Geshu not only captures the essence of a charming tea-party adventure but also serves as a valuable tool for nurturing Hindi-English bilingualism and sparking cultural exploration. The seamless integration of Hindi Devanagari and English scripts, along with elements like Hindi script on doors and items in the illustrations, offers an immersive experience for both Hindi and non-Hindi readers.

This book goes beyond storytelling; it becomes a gateway to language enrichment and cultural understanding. The Glossary of Hindi words is a resourceful addition, encouraging readers to embrace linguistic diversity. As a World language storyteller, I've found that utilizing this book effectively engages young audiences. To maximize its potential, parents and educators can use the book as a springboard for discussions about bilingualism, introducing new vocabulary, and exploring the rich tapestry of South Asian culture through its delectable foods. "My Heart Would Like Some More, Please" is not just a story; it's an educational and cultural exploration that nurtures language development and fosters a love for diversity.

Creative, fun, and mouthwatering!

This book is perfectly written and takes me right back to childhood memories of eating delicious snacks. My kids are half Dominican and half Gujarati so this book is such a good way to introduce parathas, samosas, and sweets to them. It’s catchy, fun, and a winner in our home library. My little one who is very particular abt the foods he eats, knows all the food names and has even tried samosas!