About Us


Hi, I'm Geshu Sugandh, parent, author, and the creative force behind BrooklynBiharn, a Brooklyn-based bilingual publishing boutique focused on early learners.

A finance veteran turned storyteller inspired by my young learners, I now design creative linguistic merch and publish in English and Hindi*- my native tounge. I strongly encourage everyone willing to get familiar with the phonetic Devanagari** script.

Through BrooklynBiharn I aspire to cultivate curiosity in children and us, to foster inclusive spaces for open-ended language and cultural explorations, and to empower us to embark on our own unique personal exploration journeys.

A native of Bihar, India, I proudly identify as a Biharn (🐝.ha.run), and am equally proud to call Brooklyn home. This borough, one of the world's most diverse, home to 200 languages, isn't just a backdrop but an active participant in raising our multi-heritage and bilingual children.

The name BrooklynBiharn is a tribute to these multiple identities rooted in multitudes of worldsencapsulated in a logo that interweaves the letters "B" and “ “ from the Latin and Devanagari scripts to open windows into them.

Discover the joys of creative linguistic and cultural exploration by following me on Instagram (@brooklynbiharn) and sign up for updates. Dive into the Varnmala Collection with designs that weave languages, scripts and art. Grab a copy of my bilingual board book that takes little explorers on a one-of-a-kind Indian tea-party adventure to discover new sounds, counts, and foods. It makes for a wonderful gift for baby showers, newborns, and for early learners.

Your journey with BrooklynBiharn matters! Share your experiences with me. And together, let's learn, explore and celebrate the rich tapestry of words and worlds that enrich our lives. Join in on growing our bilingual tribe of curious, inclusive and empowered explorers.




*Hindi: A 19th Century Modern Tongue

Hindi, written in the Devanagari script, is the third most spoken language in the world. It has evolved from Sanskrit into its modern form, incorporating influences from Persian, Urdu, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese, and English. This linguistic amalgamation reflects India's diverse historical and cultural interactions. Celebrated for its rich literary tradition that spans from classical poetry to contemporary cinema, Hindi offers a window into India's history, art, and philosophy. It provides insight into the diverse and vibrant life of both India and its diaspora. As the official language of India, Hindi, alongside English, functions as a lingua franca, playing a crucial role in bridging the country’s and its expansive diaspora's linguistic diversity spread across the world. 

**Devanagari Script: A Symphony of Sounds and Shapes

The Devanagari script represents a scientific and systematic approach to phonetically capturing sounds, with its origins tracing back to ancient India. This script serves as the foundation for writing nearly 120 languages, including Sanskrit, and stands among the top five most widely used scripts in the world. For English speakers, especially children, exploring Devanagari can be a fun and enlightening way to learn about different sound patterns making it a valuable tool in phonemic awareness, crucial in early literacy. Beyond its phonetic significance, the distinctive shape and curves of its letters make for a unique artistic canvas.