Hello from the Creator 1.26.24

Hi, I'm Geshu Sugandh, the author of the bilingual foodies board book, "My Heart Would Like Some More, Please!" and the creative force behind BrooklynBiharn, an independent boutique publishing platform. We specialize in works in English and the Devanagari* script as applied to the Hindi** language.

After an extensive sixteen-year tenure in global healthcare banking spanning North American, European, Asian, and Australian geographies, I am learning to embrace all the moments of being a stay at home parent and an explorer of my own creative persuits. A native of Bihar, India, I proudly identify as a Biharn (🐝.ha.run), and I'm equally proud to call New York City home. This city isn't just a backdrop but an active participant in raising my multi-heritage, multi-lingual children. The name BrooklynBiharn is a tribute to these multiple identities rooted in roots, symbolized in a logo that seamlessly weaves the letter 'B' from Latin and Devanagri scripts.

BrooklynBiharn is a canvas for experimental, diverse storytelling inspired by my family's linguisitic and cultural journeys. We aim to spark curiosity and invite unique engagements with languages and cultures. Our platform is welcoming and inclusive to all backgrounds.

To fully immerse yourself in the BrooklynBiharn experience, follow us on Instagram @brooklynbiharn and sign up to receive the engagement guide. Make sure to grab your copy of "My Heart Would Like Some More, Please!" and to explore Varnmala Collection for unique, linguistically-inspired designs.

Your linguistic and cultural journeys are invaluable to us. Share your experiences with us and the others. Together, we will explore, learn, and celebrate the beautiful tapestry of languages and cultures that enriches our words and worlds.




*Devanagari Script: A Timeless Tapestry of Sounds and Shapes

The Devanagari script isn't just a way to jot down words; it's a scientific, organized method of capturing precise sounds, hailing from ancient India. This script is the canvas for nearly 120 languages, including the classical language of Sanskrit. It is one of the top five most widely used scripts globally. The shapes and curves of Devanagari letters also hold a special aesthetic appeal.

**Hindi: A Symphony of Linguistic Influences

As the third most spoken language worldwide, Hindi is not merely a means of communication but a rich tapestry woven from various linguistic threads. It traces its roots back to Sanskrit and incorporates elements from Persian, Urdu, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese, and English. It is spoken by over 40% of India's population.